University of West Bohemia
Pilsen, Czech Republic


The 7th International Summer Workshop
on Multimodal Interfaces

hosted by Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Applied Sciences ,
University of West Bohemia

Plzeň (Pilsen) / Czech Republic / 1. 8. - 26. 8. 2011

Travel to Plzeň

Pilsen is located on a way from Prague towards west, 80 km from Prague and just 70 km from German border (200 km from Nuremberg). By highway D5 from Prague it is connected with Germany, where it continues as A6 towards France. Since the Ruzyně international airport in Prague is in the western part of the city, the airport is easily reachable from Pilsen by both car and public transport.

By plane

Most comfortable is to use Ruzyně international airport in Prague, airport code PRG. From the airport (terminal 2 for intra-Schengen flights, terminal 1 for extra-Schengen flights, the terminals are just next to each other) you can get by bus No. 100 (20 min, 18 CZK) to the bus terminal Praha-Zličín, where you can catch the yellow StudentAgency buses for Pilsen (1 hour, 95 CZK).

By car

By car it is best to approach Plzeň by higway D5, either from east from Prague (take exit 67 for city, exit 80 for university), or from west from direction Nuremberg (take exit 89). The university is located at the south edge of the city, thus being very close to the highway (bypass of Pilsen).

By train or bus

Pilsen is also a transportation node with bus terminal and train station, there are direct bus lines to major european cities usually from Prague that stop in Pilsen. Also trains from Prague towards west stop in Pilsen main train station.

In the city

Pilsner card - easiest payment for the public transport, if you travel often

The easiest way is to get to the south tram terminal of the tram No. 4 called Bory and continue 1 stop by bus No. 30 or 24 towards west. To get to the tram south-north line No. 4 from Bus terminal you must use trolleybus line 12 or tram No. 2 for east, from train station by the same means, but west direction.

From the Dorm Borska to everywhere

The nearest transport from the dorm is the trolleybus no. 15. One direction is to the university, the other is to city centre. When you travel to the university you have to get off in station NC, Folmavska (3 min traveling) and from there you can go by foot (10 min walking) or wait for the bus no. 30 which will take you directly to university. This bus is also a good starting point when you travel from university.

From stations to Dorm Borska

If you arrive by train you will be here:

  1. Get on tram no. 2 or 1 at station Hl. nadr. CD, Sirkova. Travel into station Solni, posta. From there walk to station V sadech Petatricatniku (you have to cross the main street so that you'll travel in the right direction). There you will get on tram no. 4. Get off at station Dobrovskeho , Klatovska and have an 8 minute walk to the dorm.
  2. Get on trolleybus no. 15 in station Hl. nadr. CD, Americka. Get off the trolley in station Skoda V. brana. Have a 5 minute walk to Borska Dorm.

If you arrive by bus you will be here:

  1. You can catch the trolleybus 12 towards centre for just one stop (stop at the factory behind the small square in front of bus terminal, Tylova street, direction "Bozkov") and then 2 stops of trolleybus 15 in opposite direction (stop is back and then 50 meters back and turn left to Kopernikova street, direction "Borska pole, Teslova", exit at "Skoda, V. brana") will take you close enough.
  2. If you are lucky, you will catch trolley no. 18 which takes you directly to Skoda V. brana. This trolley goes very seldom.
  3. Go to tram no. 2 at station CAN, Skvrnanska. This tram will take you to station V sadech Petatricatniku. There get on tram no. 4 and follow the steps above (arrival via tram, 1st option).

You can see the detailed timelines of all the lines here. First you have to choose the right direction (every line has 2 directions). After that you choose the station you want to travel from and you will see three timelines. The upper center one is for working days (Pracovni dny), the lower left one is for saturdays (Sobota) and the right one is for sundays and holidays (Nedele a svatky).


The official czech currency is the Czech Koruna (Crown), abbrev. CZK. Approximate rate for EUR oscilates between 24 and 25 CZK for 1 EUR, for USD between 17 and 19 CZK for 1 USD.


The electric outlets are rounded with two holes and one pin. Voltage 230 V, 50 HZ. No adaptors will be provided by organizers.

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eNTERFACE'11 is over It came quickly. Our workshop is over, people on their ways back home. Thank you everyone for coming and see you soon somewhe ... read more
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Final presentations Even second half of our workhop is nearly over. Final presentations are planned for this Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.
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