University of West Bohemia
Pilsen, Czech Republic


The 7th International Summer Workshop
on Multimodal Interfaces

hosted by Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Applied Sciences ,
University of West Bohemia

Plzeň (Pilsen) / Czech Republic / 1. 8. - 26. 8. 2011


Day: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8-10 11-12 13-14 15-19 20-21 22-25 26

Day 1 - Monday, 1. 8. 2011

Over 20 participants arrived. After opening session, the teams presented their projects. (Presentation slides were added to project page).

In the evening we ate a lot in one of the Pilsener restaurants. Even for Czech people it was an advanced cuisine experience :)

Day 2 - Tuesday, 2. 8. 2011

First real working day...

Day 3 - Wednesday, 3. 8. 2011

In the morning, as an appetizer for a new day, we had a talk from Václav Hlaváč. Later we made our first group photo.

Day 4 - Thursday, 4. 8. 2011

This day was like the day before :) With another great talk from Václav Hlaváč. Just the weather was more rainy...

Day 5 - Friday, 5. 8. 2011

Last working day of this week. We published group photos from Wednesday. Links to full size images are here: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg.

Day 6 - Saturday, 6. 8. 2011

This day most of us went to a guided tour through and even under the city. After we visited Pilsner Urquell brewery, in hot weather outside we enjoyed cold cellars in underground. After this nearly sport activity, we went to fill ourselves into Na Spilce restaurant.

Day 7 - Sunday, 7. 8. 2011

Relax day...

Day 8 - Monday, 8. 8. 2011 to day 10 - Wednesday, 10. 8. 2011

In the middle of those three days, we welcomed our second invited speaker, Nick Campbell. He gave a very interesting talk about managing contact in spoken interaction.
Meanwhile, the weather is colder than usual, but it's good for cooling of our processors :)

Day 11 - Thursday, 11. 8. 2011 to day 12 - Friday, 12. 8. 2011

First half of the workshop is coming to its end. The teams worked hard and the results were presented on Friday in midterm presentation session, all the slides are available on project page.

Day 13 - Saturday, 13. 8. 2011 to day 14 - Sunday, 14. 8. 2011

Second weekend... Someone went to visit South Moravia (caves, wine cellars, castles), someone went to Prague, the rest relaxed in Pilsen...

Day 15 - Monday, 15. 8. 2011 to day 19 - Friday, 19. 8. 2011

Third working week. On Tuesday we visited Czech Technical University in Prague. Except of working, we enjoyed a celebration of bithday of Marek and Milos with great food at "U Kance" restaurant. On Thursday, some of us visited Queen tribute band concert directly at the Pilsner Brewery.

Day 20 - Saturday, 20. 8. 2011 to day 21 - Sunday, 21. 8. 2011

Third weekend... the time flies... Someone went to visit Prague, Karlovy Vary, the rest relaxed in Pilsen, where we tried some sport activity - climbing ...

Day 22 - Monday, 22. 8. 2011 to day 25 - Thursday, 25. 8. 2011

Fourth, and last, working week... The teams are working really hard to finish their projects and prepare some demonstrations for the final day... The temperature of our computers and processors escalate further because of really hot weather here in Pilsen :)

Day 26 - Friday, 26. 8. 2011

Last day started at 9:00 with final meeting where all the teams presented their results. All the teams worked hard and the results were impressive. Thank you everyone!
In the evening we finished our social activities part at the Pilsner Fest, a beer festival with a lot of music and people... Farewell, everyone!

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28 Aug 2011 14:06
eNTERFACE'11 is over It came quickly. Our workshop is over, people on their ways back home. Thank you everyone for coming and see you soon somewhe ... read more
25 Aug 2011 10:09
Final presentations Even second half of our workhop is nearly over. Final presentations are planned for this Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.
12 Aug 2011 13:05
Midterm presentations First half of our workhop is nearly over. Midterm presentations were published.
11 Aug 2011 09:54
Program updated Program was updated. (And one concert added for today, to social activities page)
8 Aug 2011 10:28
Talk for 2nd week We published some more information about the talk for Tuesday, the second week of workshop.

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