University of West Bohemia
Pilsen, Czech Republic


The 7th International Summer Workshop
on Multimodal Interfaces

hosted by Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Applied Sciences ,
University of West Bohemia

Plzeň (Pilsen) / Czech Republic / 1. 8. - 26. 8. 2011


The project listing now contains names of participants for projects. Projects are marked by their statuses, "open" means that leaders are deciding about project running, ""withdrawn" means that leaders unfortunately had to withdraw the project, "confirmed" means that the project will run during eNTERFACE'11.

Individual names are marked "leader" or "co-leader" in case of people that proposed the project. It is accompanied by "participation confirmed" in case the leaders expressed their participation at the workshop. Names marked "applied for participation" are all those who sent application for participation, numbers in brackets means numbers of projects in case applicant applied for more than one project, in 2nd and 3rd choice it is mentioned. Leaders are asked to decide about their taking part in the project asap. Status "participation confirmed" means that we have already information from leader or the participant itself that he or she will take part in the workshop.

No. Proposer Project name
status description
participant name participant status
1 Radoslaw Niewiadomski
Mohammad Obaid
GretAR - Virtual Agent’s Spatial Behaviors in Augmented Reality Environments
withdrawn Project 1 - Description (73KB)
2 Milos Zelezny
Olga Vybornova
Multimodal Semantic Search and Summarization for Multimedia Repositories
final Project 2 - Description (128KB)
Project 2 - Midterm presentation (452KB)
Project 2 - Midterm presentation video (7MB)
Project 2 - Final presentation (204KB)
Milos Zelezny leader, participation confirmed
Miroslav Jirik participation confirmed
Tomas Ryba participation confirmed
Ivan Pirner participation confirmed
Petr Zimmermann participation confirmed
3 Alexander Voskresenskiy SignMatch: find the meaning of an aproximate sign
final Project 3 - description (54KB)
Project 3 - Midterm presentation (588KB)
Project 3 - Final presentation (1MB)
Alexander Voskresenskiy leader, participation confirmed
Milos Zelezny co-leader, participation confirmed
4 Nicolas d'Alessandro CoVoP – Collaborative Vocal Puppetry Multi-User Performative Voice Synthesis on Distributed Platorms
final Project 4 - Description (216KB)
Project 4 - Opening session (3MB)
Project 4 - Midterm presentation (491KB)
Project 4 - Final presentation (941KB)
Nicolas d'Alessandro leader, participation confirmed
Thierry Dutoit co-leader, participation confirmed
Maria Astrinaki participation confirmed
Johnty Wang participation confirmed
Onur Babacan participation confirmed
Abdelkader Chabchoub participation confirmed
Angel Calzada participation confirmed
5 Lale Akarun
Alexey Karpov
Hulya Yalcin
Multimodal Assisted Living Environment
final Project 5 - Description (901KB)
Project 5 - Opening session (3MB)
Project 5 - Midterm presentation (437KB)
Project 5 - Midterm presentation video (18MB)
Project 5 - Midterm presentation video (17MB)
Project 5 - Final presentation (2MB)
Lale Akarun leader, participation confirmed
Alexey Karpov co-leader, participation confirmed
Hulya Yalcin co-leader, participation confirmed
Ismail Ari participation confirmed
Alexander Ronzhin participation confirmed
Yunus Emre Kara participation confirmed
Baris Erim Demiroz participation confirmed
6 Lale Akarun Multimodal Sign Matching Game Interface for Children
final Project 6 - Description (86KB)
Project 6 - Midterm presentation (97MB)
Project 6 - Final presentation (1MB)
Lale Akarun leader, participation confirmed
Alp Kindiroglu participation confirmed
Marek Hruz participation confirmed
Furkan Kirac participation confirmed
Aysun Coban participation confirmed
Gaye Genc participation confirmed
Hatice Hose Bagci participation confirmed
Rabia Yorganci participation confirmed
Mustafa Aydin participation confirmed
7 Matei Mancas KinAct: social interaction for data processing
final Project 7 - Description (401KB)
Project 7 - Opening session (2MB)
Project 7 - Midterm presentation (1MB)
Project 7 - Final presentation (2MB)
Matei Mancas leader, participation confirmed
Radhwane Ben Madkhour participation confirmed
Fracois Zajega participation confirmed
Nicolas Riche participation confirmed
Julien Leroy participation confirmed
Dominique De Beul participation confirmed
Yves Phillipe Rybarczyk participation confirmed
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28 Aug 2011 14:06
eNTERFACE'11 is over It came quickly. Our workshop is over, people on their ways back home. Thank you everyone for coming and see you soon somewhe ... read more
25 Aug 2011 10:09
Final presentations Even second half of our workhop is nearly over. Final presentations are planned for this Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.
12 Aug 2011 13:05
Midterm presentations First half of our workhop is nearly over. Midterm presentations were published.
11 Aug 2011 09:54
Program updated Program was updated. (And one concert added for today, to social activities page)
8 Aug 2011 10:28
Talk for 2nd week We published some more information about the talk for Tuesday, the second week of workshop.

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