University of West Bohemia
Pilsen, Czech Republic


The 7th International Summer Workshop
on Multimodal Interfaces

hosted by Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Applied Sciences ,
University of West Bohemia

Plzeň (Pilsen) / Czech Republic / 1. 8. - 26. 8. 2011



All rooms are situated in the building of Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia.
Address: Univerzitni 22, Pilsen, Czech Republic. See the map.

  • Room UL208 (working room 1) is situated in the second floor of the building. Arrows, installed in the building, will guide you.
  • Room UL210 (working room 2) is situated next to room UL208 :)
  • Room UV115 (conference room) is situated few meters to the right side from the main entrance.


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before eNTERFACE'11 workshop
arrivals to Pilsen
Week 1: 1st Aug - 7th Aug
day 1, Mo room UV115 Registration 9:00 - 10:00
room UV115 General Opening Meeting (Welcome Speech, Project Presentations) 10:00
room UL208 room UL210 Teams gathering and installation after General Opening Meeting
day 2, Tu room UL208 room UL210 working day 9:00 - 17:00 (recommended, will be specified by team leaders)
day 3, We working day
room UV115 Invited talk: Václav Hlaváč: Milestones of image analysis and computer vision 10:00 - 11:30
day 4, Th working day
room UV115 Invited talk: Václav Hlaváč: Structure in computer vision and pattern recognition: Why doesn't it really fly high? 10:00 - 11:30
day 5, Fr working day
day 6, Sa Social activity: guided tour around Pilsen (1.5 hour) + guided tour around Pilsner Urquell brewery (1.5 hour) + refreshment and food in restaurant Na Spilce
day 7, Su -
Week 2: 8th Aug - 14th Aug
day 8, Mo working day
day 9, Tu working day
room UV115 Invited talk: Nick Campbell: Multimodal processing of spoken interaction - managing contact 10:00 - 11:30
day 10, We working day
day 11, Th working day
day 12, Fr Midterm presentations 10:00
day 13, Sa Social activity: Wine cellar
(from Milos Zelezny:) The place I have in my mind is in southeast corner of our country, thus about 400km far from here. The event includes degustation of wines with a cold dinner from various meat-based specialities, and as well simple accommodation in several group rooms (bathrooms shared). There are 4 rooms 2-6 beds. Price for such evening is 500,- CZK per person. Depending on the number of participants we will select transport by cars or by public transport, the price we will have to share. It gives us the opportunity to visit some places on the way or nearby. I suggest the Lednice chateau and surrounding park, Konepruske caves, maybe other places.
Links: wine cellar, Lednice chateau Koneprusy caves.
It seems that this way it would be almost whole weekend event.
It will be organized on the next weekend 13-14 August.
Please apply for participation soon, so that I can arrange transport and also announce the number of people. Preferably asap, final deadline Tuesday 9 August
day 14, Su -
Week 3: 15th Aug - 21st Aug
day 15, Mo working day
day 16, Tu working day
Prague - Czech Technical University (optional) whole day
As announced by Milos Zelezny and Prof. Hlavac, we are invited to his labs. The trip will start probably by bus at 8.30, after finish of laboratory visit around 12.30 we will find some place to eat and then afternoon tour through Prague.
Also, please let us know whether you want to take a part, deadline Thursday 11 August.
day 17, We working day
Dinner (optional) 19:00
Dinner for all... Place: Restaurace U kance, address: T.G. Masaryka 16, Plzeň. Some shared meals (chicken, beef and deer meat) for everyone :)
day 18, Th working day
day 19, Fr working day
day 20, Sa Social activity
day 21, Su -
Week 4: 22st Aug - 26th Aug
day 22, Mo working day
day 23, Tu working day
day 24, We working day
day 25, Th working day
day 26, Fr Final meeting: reports and conclusions from projects 9:00 - 12:00
Final presentations and demos. About 30 minutes for each project.
after eNTERFACE'11 workshop
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28 Aug 2011 14:06
eNTERFACE'11 is over It came quickly. Our workshop is over, people on their ways back home. Thank you everyone for coming and see you soon somewhe ... read more
25 Aug 2011 10:09
Final presentations Even second half of our workhop is nearly over. Final presentations are planned for this Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.
12 Aug 2011 13:05
Midterm presentations First half of our workhop is nearly over. Midterm presentations were published.
11 Aug 2011 09:54
Program updated Program was updated. (And one concert added for today, to social activities page)
8 Aug 2011 10:28
Talk for 2nd week We published some more information about the talk for Tuesday, the second week of workshop.

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