University of West Bohemia
Pilsen, Czech Republic


The 7th International Summer Workshop
on Multimodal Interfaces

hosted by Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Applied Sciences ,
University of West Bohemia

Plzeň (Pilsen) / Czech Republic / 1. 8. - 26. 8. 2011

Eating tips for eNTERFACE

Drinks & Food

There are many places in Pilsen to have a nice meal varying from fast food restaurants (McDonalds, KFC, cheap local fast food) and pubs to normal restaurants. Mostly you will find classial Czech cuisine but there are also chinese, indian or mexican restaurants. The prices of the food depend on the restaurant itself but are usualy around 100,- Kc to 200,- Kc (4 to 8 €) for a normal meal (not luxury).

Pilsen is of course the birthplace of Pilsner type beer. Beer is so cheap here that you could take a beer bath every day and still feel that you are spending almost nothing. In pubs there is literally nothing cheaper than beer (yes, even botteled water). There are many local breweries with all kinds of beer (blonde, dark, fruit flavoured). To make a long story short the beer is around 1€ for half a liter. If you are not a beer fan, don't be afraid. The soft drinks are also very cheap at least cheaper than in the western Europe.

For the lunch the university canteen will be available for the last three weeks of the workshop. During the first week (from 1st Aug to 5th Aug) the canteen will be closed due to maintenance. The food there is quite cheap (2€ at most).

Coffee, latte, cappuccino and tea will be provided directly at the project rooms.

Recommended restaurants & bars

  • U Švejka, Locations: Klatovska 125, Riegrova 12
    Very nice restaurant with good food and drinks based on famous Czech literature work by Jaroslav Hasek - Good soldier Svejk.
  • Simsalabim, Location: Americká 18
    A witchcraft stylized restaurant, see the photos.
  • Na Parkánu, Location: Veleslavínova 59/4
    Based on golden era of Pilsner hospitability.
  • U Salzmannů, Location: Pražská 8
    Historical pub from 17th century.
  • Uctívaný Velbloud, Location: Americká 20
    Here they worship the camel brought from the crusade against German knights.
  • Pub 1 & 2, Locations: Prešovská 16 and Pražská 1 - non-smoking
    Pubs with self-draught beer.
  • Potrefená Husa, Location: Kopeckého sady 141/9
  • Měšťanská beseda, Location: Kopeckého sady 59/13
    No food, only deserts, cofee and drinks but you can play biliard in this stylish building.
  • Alfa, Location: Americká 663/17
    Big restaurant with projections (sport events) and possibility to play bowling.
  • Pizzerias: Martinska, Dolce Vita, San Marino.
  • If you are living at Borska Dorm, there is the restaurant Flora nearby. You can also do small grocery shopping in Korunka.
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28 Aug 2011 14:06
eNTERFACE'11 is over It came quickly. Our workshop is over, people on their ways back home. Thank you everyone for coming and see you soon somewhe ... read more
25 Aug 2011 10:09
Final presentations Even second half of our workhop is nearly over. Final presentations are planned for this Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.
12 Aug 2011 13:05
Midterm presentations First half of our workhop is nearly over. Midterm presentations were published.
11 Aug 2011 09:54
Program updated Program was updated. (And one concert added for today, to social activities page)
8 Aug 2011 10:28
Talk for 2nd week We published some more information about the talk for Tuesday, the second week of workshop.

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